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Since 1989, Winchester has been Daytona’s prime stop for computer service and support. We offer full-service computer repair and custom, made-to-order PCs. See why Daytona has trusted Winchester Computers for over three decades.

Local. On Your Time.

Winchester Computers is locally owned and operated. With decades of combined computer service experience, our technicians are capable of solving all technical problems home users or small- to medium-sized business may encounter. Winchester has built its reputation on customer trust and reliable service.

What can we do for you?

Hardware Diagnostics

We know, technology can be frustrating. Your screen goes black, you can’t find out where that funny noise is coming from, it just won’t turn on. We’re here for you. Our experienced technical staff can help find the problem and identify the right solution for you.

Full-service PC & Mac Repair

Winchester Computers is a full-service repair shop. Our technicians are experienced with both Windows and Macintosh computers. Since 1989, we’ve been Daytona’s premier repair location, combining decades of technical experience to provide the highest level of service.

Mobile Repair

Cracked screens, dead batteries, low storage. We’ve been there. Our staff is trained to handle the unique problems that have come with the rise of mobile devices. Don’t throw it away: let us breathe new life into your device.

Data Recovery

Whether it’s precious memories or important documents, we have the tools to recover lost data. While not all data can be recovered -- often due to severe physical damage -- our suite of professional recovery tools can handle most cases of accidentally erased data.

Custom-built PCs

All desktop PCs sold by Winchester are built in-house here in Daytona Beach. Our customers are entitled to a free sales consultation, where they may speak with a sales representative about their unique needs. Each Winchester computer is unique and built for you.

On-site home service

Need help with your home network or computer configuration? We know it can be frustrating: Winchester is here to help. Let our trained technicians come to you. Tech support from the comfort of your own home.

Service Pricing

Winchester prides itself on quality customer support and service. Our technicians are capable of servicing all models of desktop PCs, laptops, and Macs. With decades of combined experience, we’ve seen and experienced most computing problems that home and business users will run across.

PC Bench Fee


All checked-in PCs go through comprehensive hardware and software diagnostics. Our technicians verify the health of your device’s hardware through a a large array of professional tools. All PCs are thoroughly checked for any signs of corruption or infection.

Mac and Mobile Bench Fee


All Macs and Mobile Devices are subject to a $49.99 bench fee upon check in. This fee is factored into labor costs. All devices applicable to this fee recieve a full diagnostic in addition to standard service labor.

Malware and Adware Cleanup


Running slow? Our technicians use a large array of professional malware removal tools combined with thorough manual inspection of each computer that comes in. Malware and adware are defined as potentially unwanted or harmful programs that adversely affect computer performance. All cleanups are warrented for 30 days.

Virus Cleanup


A virus is defined as malware that actively damages a user’s system, destroying files, causing operating system corruption, or creating a generally unusable computer. A virus removal is often a more complex process compared to standard malware and adware removal. All removals are warrented for 30 days.

Operating System Restore (No Data)


Reinstall Windows or Mac OS on a computer. No personal data or programs are saved. This is a complete, fresh install of the appropriate operating system. The new install comes with a free antivirus and current updates.

Operating System Restore (With Data)


Reinstall Windows or Mac OS on a computer with personal data and files preserved. Some programs may be transferable and are assessed on a case-by-case basis. This service aims to preserve the state of the user’s operating system prior to reinstall. Customers may be required to provide applicable software keys and installation media.

Data Transfer


Transfer data between two computers, often an old and new PC. This process aims to recreate the environment of the user’s old computer the new one. Files and data are copied. Programs are moved over on a case-by-case basis, depending on compatibility. Customers may be required to supply relevant software keys and installation media.

Data Backup


Transfer files to portable media, such as an external hard drive. Customers must supply a backup drive. Backup drives may be purchased at Winchester.

Data Recovery


We know your data is precious. We also know how easy it is to lose. We’re here to help. Winchester has the data recovery resources to attempt a restore on non-fatally damaged Mac, Windows, and mobile devices. This process can take some time. Not all data recoveries are the same.

Not listed here?

Our talented support staff is capable of more than just listed here! We’ve seen it all. Give us a call or stop by. We’re here to help.

PC Sales

Each PC at Winchester Computers is custom built here in Daytona Beach. We offer pre-made PCs ready to buy off the shelf or you can schedule a free consultation, where we will address your unique needs and build the computer that is right for you. Our systems range from low-cost terminal computers to high-end gaming PCs and servers.


All desktop PCs sold by Winchester are made to your specifications and needs. Contact us to schedule a free PC consultation. Each computer that comes from our store is unique and made for you.

Always local

Winchester Computers has been serving the Daytona Beach area since 1989. Our custom computers are trusted by several local businesses, including Jon Hall Chevrolet and Command Medical Products. When you buy a Winchester computer, you buy local support and service that you can trust.

Built for gaming

We’re gamers. We understand the needs of modern gamers who want the most performance out of their machine. At Winchester, we work with you to build the best gaming PC at the best price for you without compromising performance.

Quality guarantee

All Winchester computers come with a one year warranty. When you buy a computer from Winchester, you’re buying the knowledge and security that your PC is built with only the highest quality parts chosen for reliability and performance.

On-site IT

Winchester provides full service IT solutions for local businesses. Our certified technicians can configure servers, configure and maintain modern networks, and provide remote desktop support.

Managed Computing Solutions

We take care of our businesses. When you buy a Winchester computer for your business, you’re not only buying quality, you’re buying a full-service support solution. We provide priority service for businesses and free diagnostic support on every computer purchased through us.

For more information about our business services, contact us or visit our corporate site..

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